Unethical Bankers?

Is divine law eternal and unchanging? Many religious believe divine law is “set in stone”. They think of Moses coming from the mountain with the Ten Commandments chiseled in stone. Such should see all bankers as unethical because they charge interest on the money they lend. Numerous religious texts proclaim that charging interest to one’s brother, i.e. anyone of the same nationality, is wrong, while permitting the charging of interest to foreigners. Cf. Deuteronomy 20. A problem with this is that the view that divine law is unchanging is mistaken. For example, early religions sanctioned slavery, whereas today slavery is considered immoral. Deuteronomy also says that anyone violating the Sabbath should be stoned to death. I know of no contemporary religious leaders who oppose a reasonable interest rate. Banks often engage in unethical business practices, but the mere loaning of money at reasonable rates of interest is not one such.

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