Two Queries

The task here is to imagine one has been given the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis. My first question, which I have on previous occasions asked of various Christian thinkers, concerns a well-known view of Jesus of Nazareth, namely that most of humanity shall spend eternity suffering the torments of Hell. (Cf. Matthew 25:46) Assuming Pope Francis affirms this particular Doctrine, as I believe he must to remain an orthodox Christian, my question for Pope Francis is how does he reconcile this eternal torment of the majority of humanity with his own belief in God’s omni-benevolence (absolute goodness). Finally, my second question of His Holiness: how does he accounts for all of the acute suffering in the world that derives from exclusively natural causes, given that an all-knowing and all-powerful God could prevent such from happening, if He so desired.

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