The Religious Poor

Poverty is not a curse from God. But the real question is whether there is a positive correlation between being religiously observant and having material prosperity. The obvious answer would seem to be a resounding “no!” The vast majority of the world’s eight billion people are not materially prosperous.  A large subset of the human population consists of the world’s religiously observant.  From this it follows that most of the world’s religiously observant cannot be prosperous. There are some obvious counter-examples to this claim. Certain religious groups are generally wealthy. For example I have been told that the Parsee, the Indian followers of Zoroastrianism, are as a group quite prosperous, and that the Hindu community in the United State are quite well to do. But, for most of humanity there is no positive correlation between being religious and being wealthy.  So, “no”, praying “appropriately” does not make one rich.

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