The Blame for Ebola

The Ebola epidemic is spreading quickly and W.H.O. has warned that it could soon infect 1.4 million people. Another epidemic, the Black Plague that occurred in the 14th century & wiped out a third of the population of Europe, convinced many people that God had caused it, to punish humanity for its sins.   If God exists as traditionally conceived, as the original creator of all of creation, it would certainly follow that He also created the Ebola virus. Nonbelievers often cite the existence of natural evils like Ebola in their arguments for God’s nonexistence. Some believers maintain that while God is the original creator of everything, He is not responsible for the natural evils of the world. Recent scientific studies of viruses show Ebola to be a very ancient life form, which at least suggests that it is not a recently created punishment for humans’ misbehavior.

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