Tears of Joy?

If the God of the monotheist exists, i.e. the God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, then that God is omniscient, that is to say all-knowing. Presumably an all-knowing God witnessing prayerful weeping, recognizes the sincerity or insincerity of that act. Weeping, of course, can have many distinct causes. One such would be simple misery over some state of affairs. As such, there is nothing intrinsically divine about weeping generically conceived. But when ritualized weeping occurs as a sincere expression of some religious sentiment, which could be anything from joy to grief, an all-knowing divinity would recognize that weeping for what it actually is, and presumably react in whatever manner the deity saw fit. The psalmist was obviously optimistic that such sincere weeping would be aptly rewarded with joy. As an empirical generality it strikes this writer as highly implausible that most instances of weeping ultimately conclude in a joyful state.

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