Religion Won’t Matter

Anyone interested in the 2016 Presidential election cannot do better than to consult Nate Cohn’s regular column entitled “The Upshot” in The New York Times. Particularly relevant to today’s question is his column of Wednesday May 13th entitled “A Big Decline In Americans Identifying As Christian” (page A11). Cohn reports on an extensive survey of 35,000 adults by the Pew Research Center. He reports that 71% of American adults report themselves to be Christians and notes that this is a decline of five millions adults since a similar survey in 2007. The drop represents a generational change as many non-Christian millennials reach adulthood. A previous column of Cohn’s from April 9, 2015 spelled out in detail how party candidates actually get picked by main line party leaders during what he calls “The Invisible Primary”. That column described precisely why religion is now considered irrelevant to the candidate selection process.

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