The only psychic I know is convinced that he has lived many previous lives, both as a male and as a female. As a teenager I read both Morey Bernstein’s The Search For Bridey Murphy, and thought it credible evidence for the possibility of reincarnation, although many skeptics disagree. As an adult I read Ian Stevenson, M.D. Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation (University Press of Virginia, 1966, 1974) and found it to add to the evidential base for the belief that people may have past lives. Yet I would certainly not claim to know that reincarnation occurs. The vast majority of my academic colleagues would dismiss this topic as outrageous. But upon closer investigation, I find that most have never bothered to study the relevant literature & arguments in its favor. They mostly embrace physicalism as if it were necessarily true, which I believe it most assuredly is not.

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