Questioning Salvation

Salvation is a religion-specific concept, meaning  different things in different religions. In an exclusively Christian context, the doctrine maintains that the majority of humanity shall spend eternity suffering the unspeakable torments of Hell. So, for Christians, salvation is tied to escaping eternal damnation. In the gospel of John (chapter 3 verse 16) the requirement for Christian salvation is specified: believing in the divinity of Joshua ben Joseph, (Jesus of Nazareth). Within a Hindu context, salvation means something entirely different. The comparable Hindu concept would be moksha: release from the perpetual cycle of reincarnation. So there is no such thing as a best way of achieving salvation, because it means different things in different religions. The one commonality is apparently belief in a soul or an immaterial self that survives physical death. One who doesn’t accept that assumption is unlikely to have an opinion about the best method of achieving salvation.

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