What Is God?

god, religion, philosophyDid God play fair with Adam and Eve? Why does God permit such catastrophes as genocides, famines, and wars? Is God free to act in any way at all? Does He know everything – even in the future? Can God do the impossible? What limits, if any, are there to God’s power? Is God’s existence self-evident? These are just some of the questions and puzzles that continue to pique the curiosity of philosophers, theologians, and interested observers of the Judeo-Christian tradition. In What Is God?, editor Kenneth G. Lucey has carefully selected from among the many essays of noted philosopher of religion Richard R. La Croix a fascinating group of works that explores these and other perennial questions in the philosophy of religion.

In an accessible style that enhances his thoughtful discussion, La Croix introduces many provocative issues that have occupied the minds of Western thinkers for centuries. Breaking through the quagmire of confusion and obfuscation that often surrounds talk of God and His attributes, La Croix distinguishes and prioritizes the essential questions and relevant side issues that must be confronted if clarity is ever to be achieved in this area.

The clear and concise nature of each penetrating essay makes What Is God? an excellent model for doing philosophy and a tool that can be used by professionals and laypersons alike.

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