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argumentation, logic, philosophyPesky Essays on the Logic of Philosophy

An important theme of the collection is the role of knowledge in religion, including a detailed argument for agnosticism. A number of the essays touch upon issues in philosophical logic, among them a fascinating new counter-example to Modus Ponens. The collection is rounded out with essays on causality and the philosophy of mind.

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On Knowing and the Known philosophical essays

What do we mean when we say we “know” something? What is this knowledge and how do we come by it? What exactly counts as an object of knowledge? And on what basis do we defend our claims to know against those the skeptics who deny that knowledge is possible or that our criteria for knowing can ever be satisfied?

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What Is God?

god, religion, philosophyDid God play fair with Adam and Eve? Why does God permit such catastrophes as genocides, famines, and wars? Is God free to act in any way at all? Does He know everything – even in the future? Can God do the impossible? What limits, if any, are there to God’s power? Is God’s existence self-evident? These are just some of the questions and puzzles that continue to pique the curiosity of philosophers, theologians, and interested observers of the Judeo-Christian tradition. In What Is God?, editor Kenneth G. Lucey has carefully selected from among the many essays of noted philosopher of religion Richard R. La Croix a fascinating group of works that explores these and other perennial questions in the philosophy of religion.

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Recent Work in Philosophy (American Philosophical Quarterly Library of Philosophy Series) Hardcover – July, 1983


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