Pro Education about Religion

Locally both UNR and TMCC are public institutions of education. Both of them regularly offer courses on world religions, covering all of the religions mentioned in the question. I see no reason whatsoever why such a course could not also be taught at the secondary level. The intent of such a course is not one of indoctrination. That is, the purpose is not to induct students into one or another of the religions being covered in the course. When this writer teaches the world religions course at UNR, one purpose is to show the historical connections of one religion to another. For example, a particular attempt is made to show the deep and abiding influence that Zoroastrianism had upon Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The constitutional issue opposes proselytizing, not educating about religion. With any student, whether theist, atheist, or uninitiated, the goal is always to educate, not advocate.

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