Polygamy versus Polyandry

This column is will neither endorse nor condemn polygamy.  Most Western societies have made polygamy illegal, and a study examining arguments for such illegality could easily fill multiple books. What is of interest here are the cultures that permit polygamy, but prohibit polyandry.  Just to be clear, polygamy is the state of a male having multiple wives.  Polyandry is the state of a woman having multiple husbands.  Some religions have permitted polygamy, while having prohibited polyandry. Such dogma strikes me as inherently unjust.  The notion that women are inferior to men is surely indefensible in the contemporary world and always should have been.  For example, when Mohammed married Khadija, she was the wealthy member of that marriage, and he was the younger man marrying a affluent older woman. He subsequently had multiple wives, but she would not have been allowed to have multiple husbands.  Where is the justice in that?

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