Nothing is Unforgivable

Marital infidelity is not an unforgivable sin. The reason is that there is no such thing as a sin that cannot be forgiven. At least within Catholicism, as I understand it, any act whatsoever can be forgiven if one confesses that act with appropriate contrition, and receives the sacrament of absolution. Far worse acts, such as human murders, can be forgiven, again assuming the appropriate confession and contrition. Within a broader religious context, such as religions where a man is allowed to have multiple wives, it is less clear exactly of what marital infidelity consists. If such a married man keeps a mistress and then takes her as a second wife, has he committed an infidelity? In the west where some marriages embrace polyandry, it is not even clear that extra marital sexual activity constitutes infidelity. In such cases it is clearly not considered a “sin” by the people involved.

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