No Love & No Hate

Consider Zeus. I can honestly report that I neither love nor hate Olympian Zeus. Zeus has aspects that I admire, such as his high regard for the virtue of hospitality. However, I neither love nor hate Zeus because I don’t believe in Zeus. So, how about Lucifer, the fallen angel who rules over Hell? Again, I neither love nor hate Lucifer because I simply do not believe in Lucifer. At this point one might wonder whether there are any bounds to my skepticism about spiritual beings generally. I would prefer to withhold judgment, i.e. claiming neither to believe nor to disbelieve. But what about the God of monotheism? I actually love the idea of an omniscient, omnibenevolent being. As a philosopher I can argue both His existence and nonexistence. But to answer the initial question, I cannot honestly report that I either love or hate the being others call God.

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