Learn From It!

It is part of the human condition that things simply “don’t always go as we would wish them to”. My personal strategy for dealing with such situations is contained on a small disk that I carry around. It contains the motto: “Time to be a TADPOLE”, with a picture of a large eyed tiny swimming creature. The word is an acronym, an abbreviation for my self-direction. It stands for:   “Be thoughtful, aware, disciplined, patient, observant, lucky, & an excellent survivor!” It is inevitable that if one lives long enough, periodically life serves up setbacks. In such situations my goal is to remember my acronym, analyze the situation and learn from what has occurred. How did the “screw up” arise? Was it a matter of being insufficiently thoughtful, unaware, not disciplined, unobservant, simply unlucky, or what? Rarely is there an unhappy situation that does not serve up a useful life lesson.



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