Justified Fear

A thoughtful theist should certainly fear God. Consider the story of Job in the Old Testament. Job was a good man, who despite his righteousness had terrible things happen to him. According to the story, those calamities were occurring with the active permission of Job’s God. This wa s done to Job with the consent of a being considered omni-benevolent, or all-good. Other religions recognize the existence of patently malevolent gods.   Consider Ahriman, the evil destructive spirit in the dualistic doctrine, Zoroastrianism. So, any theist has good grounds for fearing his/her god. The notion that any all-powerful deity is all-loving and thus nothing to fear seems like wishful thinking. And, of course, simply not believing in any god or gods does not eliminate fear. The child who worries about the monster under his bed does not cease having apprehensions simply by being told there is no monster under the bed.

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