“God will provide”

There is a quite religious fellow, who we will call Abe. Abe lives near a river that is predicted to overflow. His street floods. A bus arrives and the driver says, “Come on now. I am here to evacuate you. Abe says, “No thanks. God will provide”, so the bus moves off collecting his neighbors. The flood progresses . Abe is sitting on his upstairs deck, when a motor launch come along and the driver says “Come on now. I am here to evacuate you.” Abe says, “No thanks. God will provide”. Later, the flood is worse. Abe is now sitting on his chimney when a helicopter offers to save Abe. But, again he replies “No thanks, God will provide”. Abe drowns. Upon arriving in heaven Abe complains that He did not provide. God replies, “Hey Abe, I sent a bus, a boat and chopper. What were you expecting?”

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