Don’t do it!

Tattoos are an ultimate expression of individual choice. Many convicts use jailhouse tattoos to signal their gang loyalties. For some reason, young people in the western United States find tattoos particularly appealing, although they are less popular in some other segments of society and areas of the country. On one occasion I was talking with a fellow whose arms were tattoo-covered. He surprised me by saying he liked the painful sensations involved in getting tattooed! One aspect of tattoos cannot be doubted: they become less appealing as human skin ages, and it is not easy to remove one that has become unattractive. Another aspect of tattoos is that, in general, they are socio-economic markers, found much more frequently in lower socio-economic strata.   Every generalization has exceptions, and I’m sure this one does, as well, but generally having a prominent tattoo decreases ones chances of finding professional employment. Don’t do it!

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