Distinct Divinities

Obviously not all religions worship the same God. To begin with some very large religions, such as Theraveda Buddhism, do not believe that there is any such being. The notion that Islam and Christianity worship the same deity is also a serious theological error. Christians believe that Jesus, born as a human being, is an incarnation of God. All the major branches of Islam, be they Sunni, Shiia or whatever deny that any human being has ever been an incarnation of Allah. Hinduism has more deities than anyone can count and I unaware that any of them claimed to have the very same properties and attributes of as the deities of Judaism, Christianity or of Islam, although many of them have been thought to be incarnations. Many religions have sub-sects that have mystical conceptions of their deity, which they claim no human can actually conceive. At bottom probably no two distinct religions have conceived of their god in exactly the same way.

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