Deist or Theist

Have we already had an atheist president? An answer requires an understanding of what atheist is.  I suspect that the real question is whether any non-Christian is electable.  Bernie Sanders’ win in New Hampshire is the first-ever primary win by a non-Christian.  He is likely not an atheist. I assume that most think an atheist is someone who denies the existence of the God of the major world religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam).  What is not widely understood is that the founding fathers of the United States were generally not theists, but deists.  They did not believe in the personal God of Judaism, Christianity or Islam.  They believed in a prime mover, but not a personal being who loved them.  George Washington may have been a deist or a theist.  If he was the former, then the United States has already had an atheist president, in the sense herein described.

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