Critiques of the Curia

Frank Bruni writing an editorial in the New York Times 12/24/’14 has commented on the amazing change in atmosphere that has been created by Pope Francis. While generally favorable to those changes Bruni says “The church remains wrong on women and wrong on gays, and I’ve noted repeatedly the shameful discrepancy between Francis’ kind words and the unkind firings of lesbian and gay employees by Catholic institutions in the United States.” Another critique of the Curia is their absolute obliviousness to exploding human population growth. Dan Brown in his latest novel The Inferno has graphically described the multitude of human ills directly resulting from the explosion of humanity. He describes The World Health Organization distributing free condoms in Africa, while Catholic priest threaten people with the damnations of hell if they use them. The Curia’s attitude to contraception is a paradigm case of “Spiritual Alzheimer’s” in thought and action.

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