Assuredly Imperfect

Of course my religion is imperfect. What does perfection mean in this context? Is a religion to be evaluated as perfectly true? perfectly moral? perfectly understood? Matthew c. 5 v. 48 enjoins humans “to be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Moral perfection is an admirable goal, but no human ever achieves it. Every human institution is rife with flaws and defects. To my knowledge, no human religion has achieved perfection either. We learn from examining human history that some of the most atrocious acts have and continue to be performed in the name of some religion or other. The justification involved in human knowledge is thoroughly prone to error. There is very little indeed about which we can be absolutely certain. In consequence, any opinion about any religion is tentative at best, and to think that one’s religion is perfect in any regard is just delusional.

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