An Uncaring God

The world is what it is.  People who think God continually intervenes in the world to keep it from “going bad” have lots of evidence to contrary.  Did God disapprove of the Holocaust and was He unable to prevent it?  If an all-powerful God exists He surely was able to prevent the Holocaust.  So either He does not exist or He did not choose to prevent it.

Globalization has raised the standard of living of people around the world.  This has occurred at the same time that the rich have gotten much richer.  Does God disapprove of that or not? The theists who are called Deists believe in God, believe He created the world, and thereafter ignored it.  The evidence of the Holocaust certainly supports the view that either God does not exist or chooses not to intervene in the world’s affairs. If one’s belief is faith-based, evidence get ignored.

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