A Truly Nasty Person

The worst trait to have as a human being is not a simple one, but complex. Begin with a person being in a state of anomie. Sociologists say that a person is in state of anomie when he is in a condition of normlessness, i.e. lacking any moral norms. A person who has grown to maturity without acquiring any moral code whatsoever is considered to be in a state of anomie. But that is not the worst imaginable condition. Two further traits would complete the picture. Imagine an individual who is totally vicious, i.e. one who willing to inflict harm on others at whim and without any qualms. Next add to that mix the trait of being highly intelligent, like Holmes’ Moriarty. Thus we arrive at what seems to be the worst trait imaginable, namely the trait of being a highly intelligent, utterly vicious person in a state of anomie.



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