A Religious Dilemma

The issue of vaccination of children is a moral one, in that it concerns whether it’s right for parents to put others at risks based upon religious beliefs. If parents totally isolate their children from contact with others, then their unvaccinated children would pose no health risk to others. But surely such a social isolation of one’s child would be a form of child abuse. So the issue resolves itself into a moral dilemma. That is, if children remain unvaccinated then they pose a health risk to others, including other children. If an unvaccinated child is socially isolated from all others, then that is a form of child abuse. So, there is no moral justification for depriving one’s children of the health benefits of vaccination. Whatever one’s view of religious freedom, there is no justification for either putting others at risk, or in abusing one’s own children by isolating them.

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